Solo exhibition

On the 2nd of October 2020 I am going to open a solo exhibition in Tenbei Concept, a cosy little shop in the old town of Mataró. Watercolours and inks will be hanging on the walls. The theme: the colour and the absence of colour. I am also preparing a small collection of walkabouts I have started after the Covid-19 quarantine: 4 selected pictures printed like a Zine, that also contain a short poem, inspired on the renewed feelings I had when I contacted again with my trusted Mediterranean nature. I hope I will be also on time to wear a self printed foulard, based on some of my most colourful watercolours. These are all pieces that I want to share with you and wish I can make you happy with.

Original watercolor.

Roots that take root, again
When I look at the sky
When I look at the ground, solid
from head to toe
from the inside to the outside
Feeling empty and filled
No thoughts disturbance
I am going back to being the me child
ready to discover.

Inés Legemaate

I like to receive inputs from what I see, hear, read, experience and talk about, and then recycle (or not) and express it through a writing, drawing or painting process.

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