I started to draw when I was little. I used to sit at the kitchen table, while my mum was cooking, and I liked to reproduce things exactly as I saw them. You can say I have always been a copyist. For a certain reason I quitted doing it, till I got to university, where we had to do these sketches from buildings, mostly. They were exercises: observe; dimension; transpose; control. After that I did barely draw anymore till I had to prepare myself for the admission exam at the Restoration and Conservation School. There I lost the fear of using the charcoal: I remember the feeling of thinking that I was going to smudge the drawing, but once I saw the results, the magic of giving a 2D sketch the volume that allowed a portrait come to life, I lost fear. At the Restoration School I started to use watercolours and learn to control the needed amount of water and the combination of pigments. There is no way back in using watercolours, so you have to concentrate a lot in what you are doing. The same as with ink, which I started to use after reading Cennini. Beloved Cennini: I would love to become an expert, skilful and capable of much drawing out of my own head, but I am still an apprentice. But that is the point: never stop learning.

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