Little stories #3littlestory

While I buy some basic stuff to draw at my usual shop I see this contest advert, theme: “in action”. That I can give it to them, through the fencers movements that I know so well. I just bought a 103 HUNT MAPPING ROUND POINTED nib, the smallest I could find, so I start with it the moment I get home . While I draw, I do wonder if Rembrandt or Dürer faced bigger dimensions than 30×40 cm. with such a small point: this is already 3 hours working (yes, I could not avoid to calculate the minutes per square centimeter: that is my left side brain). Now I have to decide if I use or not watercolors in it. Last thought: I ask myself  if the great masters had to clean their work of chocolate rests (oh dear!), or they did not eat at all while they worked. So many things an art restorer can find through a microscope. 

Inés Legemaate

I like to receive inputs from what I see, hear, read, experience and talk about, and then recycle (or not) and express it through a writing, drawing or painting process.

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