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I went to a flower shop, asking for an hanging geranium. It was my last chance, I had searched for almost two hours: I needed some leafs to make an infusion (what for, that is another story). I was told it was not yet the season: too cold. I told the owner of the shop what for I needed the geranium and she was so nice to offer me some first growing leafs of the still small plants she had back in her yard. I was so thankful for it, that I promised myself to give her something back, and this is the result of that!


Inés Legemaate

I like to receive inputs from what I see, hear, read, experience and talk about, and then recycle (or not) and express it through a writing, drawing or painting process.

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  1. Camila

    Did you make the infusion? What a pity such a nice flower.

  2. Inés Legemaate

    The infusion was made only with geranium leafs, and the flower is an iris: nothing to do with the first one, but I loved to draw it! 🙂

  3. Silvia Auge

    This blog is inspiring….waiting yet for story 2

    1. Inés Legemaate

      Story 2 is coming, that is for sure!

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