Exhibitions: come and see!

Yesterday evening we had the opening of my second collective exhibition this year. The first one took place in Cadaqués, at the Taller Galeria Fort, which you can visit till end September. This second one is local, at the Pompeu Fabra’s library in Mataró: you have till the end of July to have a look to all the engraving works we have been doing for the past months. If you pass by, don’t hesitate to tell me: I can guide you through all the interesting cultural sites of this town! 🙂

Inés Legemaate

I like to receive inputs from what I see, hear, read, experience and talk about, and then recycle (or not) and express it through a writing, drawing or painting process.

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  1. Trinitat Sobany

    Ets fantàstica Inés, a veure si em puc apropar

    1. Inés Legemaate

      Trini, seràs molt ben rebuda! 🙂

  2. Nico van Leeuwen

    Heel mooi dat je deze tentoonstelling kan houden. Ik denk dat er veel bezoekers zijn die je werk zullen waarderen.
    Hartelijke groet,
    Oom Nico

    1. Inés Legemaate

      Bedankt oom Nico! Het is al een hele eer dat ik mijn werk naast die van goede kunstenaars mag hangen!

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